We are open for Sunday Services
at 10.30 am.

Our weekly Services usually alternate between Holy Communion & Morning Prayer

  You are welcome to join us. 

N.B. Although our vicar is presently on sick leave, she will be returning shortly. 
In the meantime, our pattern of Services
 on Sundays continue to be irregular. 


14th August: Morning Prayer

21st August: Redbridge Pioneers Service

This service will commission some people to Christian ministry
 in the workplace and community. It is also a Communion Service and will include Infant Baptism, at which members and clergy of local churches will be attending.  

28th August: Morning Prayer


   The Government has lifted former Covid restrictions.
Masks are no longer compulsory but you may still feel you want to wear one.
 You may also feel more comfortable to observe social distancing.
  Please follow instructions on entering the building.

Please also see Calendar for other activities. 

Our fortnightly recorded services on-line have been suspended.

However, a selection of these recordings can still be seen on our video sub-page.

The venue for these recorded services has also been in St Peter's Church, Aldborough Hatch.

                                     With St Peter's we are now the Aldborough Benefice.

                         Our pre-recorded services can be viewed using the internet link below.

 All our recorded services can be found here.

(Please wait for a few moments for link to download)



                       For your interest, before the pandemic our services were:

1st & 3rd Sundays: Holy Communion.                                         

Worship service

2nd Sunday: All-age Worship. This was an informal service with a small music group of instrumentalists leading the worship.

4th Sunday: Morning Prayer.  This was a structured form of worship using a liturgy.

We had a small choir to lead the services on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Sundays. We also had a team organists to play for these services.

Presently: Our hymn books are Songs of Fellowship and Hymns Old and New, and we use others worship songs from Spring Harvest.   Piano or organ is used according to availability of musicians. 

For our Communion Services we use the Common Worship service booklet, provided by the Church of England. We often use power point presentations at our All-age Services.

We have additional services midweek on special occasions e.g. Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

                                    There are pews in our Worship Area that can seat around 150 people.    

             The wood and glass partition can be opened to accommodate more people if necessary.       Spaces have been provided for wheelchair users. We have an amplification sound system.

During our services, please remember to turn off mobile phones or put them onto silent mode.