An early stage with the building of the church c.1904 

Building 1904

Building c.1915 

 The church as seen from St John's Road   looking towards Aldborough Road   South. The shops along Meads Lane   were still to come.      c.1915

Building 1929

View from Meads Lane before shops were built.   c.1929

The trees have long gone and the wooden fence was replaced by a brick boundary wall in April 1949.

Former Pipe Organ

 The former pipe organ was built in   1908. It had 1,400 pipes! Various   additions were made including an   electric blower (1910) and a trumpet   stop (1929). The casing to house the   organ pipes appeared after 1948. The   reconstruction of the instrument was   completed in 1958. The organ had to   be  dismantled and removed during the   redevelopment of the building in 1989.

Lady Chapel


The Lady Chapel as seen in the 1980s. This part of the building was furnished with a communion rail, altar and  stained glass windows. Today, this is a small hall and is called the Chapel Room.

Nave looking West

  Looking west, through the wooden         rood screen, towards the baptistery.   (c.1984) Above the screen are two     figures - Saint John and the virgin Mary.

  Today, this part of the building is now   the Worship Area. The font has been   replaced by the altar and a communion   rail. Most of the pews have been   retained, facing the other way and   some shortened.

Nave facing East

The nave (1980s) looking east towards the rood screen, with the chancel behind and raised altar.

The area beyond the rood screen is now our large hall.

 History Book OK

   A history of St John's Church  (174 pages)

 This book includes the early beginnings of the church;   its   growth; short biographies of ten vicars; a   chronicle of events and many facts and figures.

 It also has over 90 photos, mostly in colour.

   Researched & written by Lester Amann, a long- standing church           member and former church warden. 

       Available from the Church office.