On entering the church building, a huge crucifix can be seen on a glass partition above the lounge. This cross was originally on top of the wooden rood screen that once separated the chancel from the nave. The rood screen and cross was erected in 1914. When the church was redeveloped in 1989-90, the screen was transported to Germany, but we kept the crucifix.   


Wooden Figures

 Also on the top of the rood screen, on either side of   the crucifix, were two wooden figures. One was Saint   John the Evangelist and the other, the Virgin Mary.   These figures were also retained and can be see in   the  Worship Area.



The eagle lectern was used in the former building to hold a large Bible. It is one of the oldest objects in the church. It is not used today as we have a much smaller and user- friendly lectern instead.



The alabaster statue of a child was originally located  in the former building as part of the 'children's corner'. The statue dates from at least 1955. 



The alabaster font was one of the early furnishings of the church and is over 110 years old. It was a gift to the church from Mrs Selina Winter, one of the church founders. She hand-carved the wooden cover.



We have over 30 hand-made banners and tapestries. Some are on permanent display around the  building, although most are in the Worship Area. Some banners are only used on special occasions or for a short season such as Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Sunday School Banner 

The Sunday School banner was made in 1977. It was originally fixed to a wall in the Children's Corner, in the former building.


This tapestry depicted the various groups who were using our Centre at the time of our centenary . It was made in 2003.  It hangs in the church lounge.

Lilies Banner

 This banner was made in 1992 and is positioned   above the choir stalls.

Banners x 4

 These four special banners were made   in   2003 to celebrate Pentecost. 

Body of Christ

Light of the World

Trinity Banner

Trinity Mosiac

 In our small church garden we have a sculpture and   mosaic. It represents The Trinity: God the Father; God   the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The artwork was   installed in 2011.  


A section of our large stained glass window (above the  Worship Area) showing an angel. To see a photo of our West Window, and its description, go to Stained  Glass Windows.