The Labyrinth

 There are many aids to help us pray.  These might include reading a psalm, a poem, listening to a piece   of music, lighting a candle.

 Sometimes we might find a suitable place outdoors: a quiet spot away from people; a special place in a   garden. We might discover in a church yard or in a chapel a labyrinth. This might be in the form of   markings on the ground or painting on a large canvas.

 No matter what it looks like or where it is, it is a simple place to walk and pray. We use it by following the   path. It is a winding route that leads to the centre and back out again. It is not a maze. We cannot get    lost.

 As we walk we can focus on anything we think will help us draw closer to God.  This might be a BibleLabyrinth   verse or thinking about something in the   life  of Jesus e.g. healing the sick. We   might want to carry something light like a   small cross or an object of special   meaning.

  Our purpose is to meet with God. He is     with us on this journey.  We are not meant   to rush. We can pause as many times as   we like.

 Our walk might include a variety of   prayers:  asking God for something – for   others or ourselves, a time to give thanks. This is a personal prayer aid. There are no right or wrong   ways. 

 As our labyrinth is quite large we can only put it out on special occasions and when the main hall is not is   use for other functions. We last used it on Easter Sunday 2023.

 When it is available again, the date and time will be shown here.