Mission Statement

                        It is our vision to grow together as a community of God's people, filled and empowered by the                                                             Holy Spirit to follow Jesus Christ's example and teaching.

                                                                  We believe God has called us to be a:

 Worshipping Community
- committed to prayer, study of the Bible, sharing of Holy Communion,                                                       praising  God and listening to God as central to our lives and life together.

 Loving Community
      - committed to welcoming, accepting, and caring for one another and all whom God                                              brings to us.

Inclusive Community
- of many races and cultures, committed to learning together and growing                                                        together in unity and love.

Growing Community
- committed to seeking God's grace to grow in understanding, maturity of faith and                                        love, and in numbers.

 Serving Community
- committed to the people of the Seven Kings area, to use our God-given resources                                        to meet needs as and when possible.

 Witnessing Community
     - committed joyfully and humbly to sharing the wonderful good news of God's                                                          love for all people.

Healing Community
- committed to seeking to grow in wholeness through care and prayer for one                                                   another and for those who seek God's healing in their lives.

Prophetic Community
- committed to seeking and speaking out for justice and peace in our community,                                            nation and world.