We support many charities.

Over the years these have included Christian projects in Africa.

For the last few years, members of this church have been supporting Embrace the Middle East to assist their work with the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. The hospital is a highly respected health care provider serving a particularly vulnerable community where there are huge health needs. (www.embraceme.org)

Locally, in Redbridge, we support the Schools Workers of the Christian Education Project. They conduct lessons and assemblies that aim to assist teachers in their delivery of Christianity as part of the RE syllabus. (www.christianeducationproject.org.uk)

We arrange occasional Tea Afternoons in our Large Hall called Musical Memories. These are fun times for those living with dementia and their carers. Money raised from these events go to the Alzheimer's Society.  

Last December we donated a selection of children's games and toys to the Children's charity Barnardo's.


Also last December, we responded to the Operation Christmas Child Project (Samaritan's Purse). We donated 21 boxes, filled with gifts for needy children, which were then sent abroad. (www.samaritans-purse.org.uk)

Throughout the year we donate food and non-consumable items to our local Redbridge Food Bank. The photo below show donations at our Harvest Festival. (www.redbridgefoodbank.org)

Food Bank

We also support Christian Aid in their work to eradicate poverty, support sustainable development and to provide disaster relief around the world.   (www.christianaid.org.uk)